Nylon Cable Ties

Reusable Magic Ties

Hoop & Loop Magic Ties

This Velcro based Hook & Loop Reusable Magic Ties are an enterely new concept. They secure the cables firmly without damaging them., and are reusable upto 400 times. They provide flexibility in insertion of additional wiresin the bundle at the later stage due to changes in planning etc. These Ties are 100% water resistant and can even function undersubmerged conditions.

Standard Colour : Black & Other colours.


  • Unique design facilitating Quick y & easy application.
  • Releasable & reusable up to 400 times.
  • Non Abrasive.
  • Corrosion free.
  • No tools required.
  • Superior Quality.
  • Standard Colour : Black other colours available on request.
  • Packing : 10 pcs / Bags

Hook & Loop Cable TiesTechnical Data:

  • Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C
  • Material : Nylon
  • Sheer Strength : 10.0 N/CM square.
  • Peel Strength : 2.5 N N/CM square.


Advantages of HOOK AND LOOP Reusable Over Conventional Cable Ties

One major advantages over conventional Nylon Ties is that HOOK AND LOOP Reusable Magic Ties secures the Cables firmly without damaging the Cables. Moreover, it provides flexibility in insertion of additional wires in the bundle at a later stage due to change in planning etc..


HOOK AND LOOP Reusable MAGIC Ties are designed for bundling of Fibre optic, Telephone, Data Cable, Computer Networking, Electronic instruments, Home Equipments and Cable Harness.

HOOK AND LOOP Reusable Magic Ties
Hoop - Look
Part No.
HLM - 130 1.70 12.5 130 35
HLM - 180 1.70 12.5 180 51
HLM - 205 1.70 12.5 205 59
All dimensions in mm. Subject to technical changes. Special sizes available on request.