At Novoflex, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that simplify life and enhance productivity. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Cord Organix, a revolutionary cable management system designed with over 40 years of expertise in the field. Cord Organix is here to transform your workspace by reducing cable clutter, improving accessibility, and minimizing accidental disconnections, all while promoting a sustainable approach with its reusable design.

Cord Organix Components:

1. Self-Adhesive Cable Hanger Clip:
This versatile clip allows you to securely attach and route cables on various surfaces, be it wood, metal, glass, or plastic. Keeping cables in place has never been easier.

2. Adjustable Clamp:
The adjustable clamp provides a secure grip for your cables, ensuring they stay in place. Its pressure-sensitive adhesive strip ensures a firm hold, allowing for easy modifications whenever needed.

3. Management Strap:
Tame the cable chaos by bundling and organizing cables with the management strap. Keep excess cable neatly tucked away, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance.

4. Cord Identifiers:
Never mix up cables again! Cord identifiers help you label each wire, making it a breeze to identify and plug cables back in, even in the most intricate setups. Prevent accidents and ensure smooth operations.

5. Spacer Clips:
These handy clips keep cords at a safe distance, reducing the chance of interference and ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

6. Beaded Wrap:
The beaded wrap simplifies the bundling and organization of wires and cables, contributing to a tidier and more organized space.

Application of Cord Organix:
Cord Organix finds its place in various settings, including computers, televisions, music systems, office equipment, and home and kitchen appliances. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to a more streamlined and efficient workspace.

In this fast-paced technological era, the ease of installation and reusability of Cord Organix make it a standout solution. It’s designed for anyone, requiring no special tools for installation. Each Cord Organix kit comes with an easy-to-understand user’s guide, neatly packed in an attractive box.

At Novoflex, we believe in solutions that simplify your life and enhance your productivity. Cord Organix aligns with that vision, offering an effective way to manage your cables and cords effortlessly.

Stay organized, stay productive.