Commitments to Quality & Service

At Novoflex, we take Quality very seriously. All our products are manufactured against internationally accepted standards and stringent checks are maintained at every level of production and procurement to ensure the best quality product.

Our products and systems are regularly tested by external agencies such as:

  1. Underwriters Laboratories, USA
  2. TUV Nord, Germany
  3. National Test House
  4. CIPET
  5. SGS
  6. Intertek

We also regularly conduct extensive testing based on the products for:

  1. UV Resistance
  2. Extreme Temperature, Weather and Thermal Shock Tests
  3. Halogen and Low Smoke Compliance
  4. IP Rating
  5. Tensile Strength
  6. RoHS & REACH
  7. Flammability Rating
  8. Push Pull Force Testing
  9. Glow Wire Testing
  10. Vibration
  11. Food Safety
  12. Salt Spray Testing
  13. Impact Resistance
  14. Raw Material Identification

We exercise total control over the engineering and quality of the products we manufacture, right from the raw material selection and procurement to the packaging and transportation of the final order. We are committed towards maintaining reliability for service, quick turnaround time, quality and value of products that has led to the world wide acceptance of Novoflex.

Our manufacturing facilities are programmed to ensure prompt deliveries and our highly efficient shipping department ensures timely deliveries. We try to maintain adequate buffer stocks and are able to provide 24 hour dispatch service for catalog products.

Our Certifications


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