Novoflex Courier Bag Seals feature a sturdy design with a large printing area near the head providing a wide range of customization options as per the requirements of the customers. Angled serrations at the head of the seal ensure a firm and secure grip.
Material: Manufactured from UL approved Nylon 6.6 material. It is also available in PP material.
Flammability Rating: UL94 V-2 Resistant to Fungus, Corrosion, and most mild acids.
Standard Colour: Yellow, Natural White, Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Black.
Operating Temperature: -20° C to +85° C.
Tensile Strength for Lock: More than 35 Kgs.
Storage Conditions: To be stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from sunlight in a sealed condition.
Example Applications: Bulk Drugs, Refineries, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Clinical Waste, Containers / Drum, Postal Dept., Courier Bags, Currency Bags, Vehicle Doors, Airline Baggage.