UV Acid and Chemical Resistant Cable Ties

UV Acid and Chemical Resistant Cable Ties

Novoflex UV, Acid & Chemical Resistant Cable Ties are high performance ties with superior tensile strength. Our cable ties offer a superior construction that is lightweight yet offers unmatched durability throughout the life of the product. They can be used manually or in conjunction with our tensioning tools.
Novoflex Polypropylene Non-Returnable Cable Ties are designed to withstand harsh chemical environments and are ideal for use in chemical processing industry and in facilities where equipment is required to be cleaned with harsh chemicals regularly. These cable ties are highly resistant to most chemicals and acids and are recommended for applications in chemical plants. Additionally, these cable ties are also rated to withstand exposure to the sun and are optimal for use outdoors.
We recommend the usage of tensioning tools to achieve optimum tightening and a neat finish to your installations.

Material: Polypropylene. Resistant to Fungus, Corrosion, and most mild acids.
Flammability Rating: UL94 HB.
Standard Colour: UV Resistant Black (B)
Operating Temperature: -60° C to +115° C.
Resistance: Highly Resistant to most Salt, Alcohol, Bases, Inorganic Acids, Gas, Oil, Lubricants, and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.
Buoyant: Floats to the surface of most liquids making them easily detectable.
Tensile Strength: High Tensile Strength provides a secure locking which will not slip, come off or slacken. Ties must be cut to be removed.
Storage Conditions: To be stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from sunlight in a sealed condition.
Example Applications: Aviation, Couriers & Logistics, Pharmaceutical & Drugs, Chemicals & Dyes, Consumer Durables, Retail Stores, Computers & Networking, Electronics, Control Panels, New Project Installations, Domestic Use and many more.


SKU: NF 25100 (B), NF 36150 (B), NF 36200 (B), NF 47200 (B) Category:

NOVOFLEX - UV Acid and Chemical Resistant Cable Ties

Novoflex Part No Length (A) - mm Width (B) - mm Thickness (C) - mm Min Loop Tensile Strength - kgf Max Bundle Dia - mm Standard Packing Nos Quantity #
NF 25100 (B) 100 2.5 1 6 24 1000
NF 36150 (B) 150 3.6 1.2 10 36 1000
NF 36200 (B) 200 3.6 1.1 10 50 100
NF 47200 (B) 200 4.7 1.3 14 50 100
NF 47300 (B) 300 4.7 1.3 18 83 100
NF 76300 (B) 300 7.6 1.6 44 83 100
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Installation Instruction

  • Place cable tie around the cable bundle, Insert tail into head & pull tie through locking head down to bundle.

  • For optimum tightening use TG 01 & TG 02 tensioning tools which cut the excess portion of the tail for a smooth finishing.

    For Fixing Up to 5 mm wide Nylon Cable Ties.


    For Fixing Up to 8 mm wide Nylon Cable.