Novoflex Push Mount Cable Tie Mounts are used to anchor wire bundles or cables to walls, ceilings, plates, panels, desks or any other structure. To use, simply push the anchor through a hole, securely fastening the mount there. Stability wings on the side of the head provide a solid and firm installation. Cable Ties can then be passed through the slot provided at the base of the Mount to secure wire bundles.
Material: Nylon 6 (Polyamide).Resistant to Fungus, Corrosion, and most mild acids.
Flammability Rating: UL94 V-2
Standard Colour: Natural White.
Operating Temperature: -25° C to +85° C
Storage Conditions: To be stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from sunlight in a sealed condition.
Example Applications: Automobiles, Railways, Aviation, Ship Building, Power Plants, Telecom, Consumer Durables, Retail Stores, Computers & Networking, Electric Metering, Electronics, Control Panels, New Project Installations and many more.